Annual Automotive Technology Conference on April 6th (Sunday), 2014 and celebrate its 33rd anniversary of excellence

It is that time again: DCEA will host its Annual Automotive Technology Conference on April 6th (Sunday), 2014 and celebrate its 33rd anniversary of excellence. The theme of this conference is “Energy, Environment and Transportation”. High profile speakers will present us development and growth of auto industry in research and engineering, and other leading edge technology topics. Mark your calendar!

To register for this wonderful conference, please visit registration Link.

First 2014 DCEA Board Meeting Was Held on February 15th

DCEA held its first board meeting on Feb. 15th. In this meeting, the former president Coco Zhang- gave a summary of the work in 2013; President Wayne Cai introduced 2014 work plan; the new board directors election result was announced and roles were assigned to the board directors. The 2014 DCEA board is as following:

President : Wayne Cai(蔡文嘉)
Vice President: Chris Cao(曹阳)
General Secretary: Coco Zhang-Miske(张珂)
Treasurer: Joe Zhou(周长弓)

David Li(李仲炜) Director, International Affairs
Alice Li(李芳) Director, IT Support


DCEA Tech Council

The Secretariat (书记处构成):

Chairman, Zifeng Nie (dcea.tech@gmail.com)
Vice Chair, Jiaquan Chen
Executive Directors, Administration - Ning Zhang, Ke Zhang-Miske
Managers, Secretarial - Lingxiao Zheng, Evonne Xu
Directors, Academics & Youth - Joe Zhou
Directors, Retired Specialists - Daqing Zou, Jialou Hu
Legal Advisors - Shusheng Wang, Michael J. Miske, Esq

The Functionality (书记处职能):

Current Board Members - 2014

President : Wayne Cai
Vice President: Chris Cao
General Secretary: Coco Zhang-Miske
Treasurer: Joe Zhou

David Li(李仲炜), Director, International Affairs
Alice Li(李芳), Director, IT Support
Xiaoling Jin Director, Membership
Jin Li & Xiaoyu Ma (Wendy) Director, Community Outreach
Jesse Wang(王兆宇), Director, Communication & News Letter
Evonne Xu (徐洋) & Fan Xu Director, Student Council
Chunmei Wang(王春梅), Director, Finance
Pingan He & Wende Zhang Director, Fundraising

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