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作为世界 500 强,广汽集团坚持以创新驱动发展,始终追求品牌创新、技术创新和平台创新。2017 年,广汽将加速国际化进程,汇聚全球汽车产业中的优势力量,与全球产业链伙伴一起,心怀广汽梦,携手筑未来!

As a Fortune Global 500 and a leading automotive enterprise in China, Guangzhou AutomobileGroup Co., Ltd. (GAC Group) has been sticking to innovation-driven development and pursuing for innovation of brand, technology and platform. In 2017, GAC Group will accelerate internationalization, to gather strength in the global automotive industry with all the chain partners together. GAC dream, Create the future.

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DCEA 36th Automotive Technology Conference and 2017 Annual Meeting Held Successfully Sticky


The Detroit Chinese Engineers Association (DCEA) held its 36th Automotive Technology Conference and 2017 Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 2, 2017, at Detroit Marriott Troy.

The DCEA is the oldest Chinese professional organization in greater Detroit, with its members and advisors spanning over the both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The purpose of the annual Conference was to bring DCEA members together to network, to get update with new advances in emerging and cutting-edge technologies, and to share knowledge and expertise from leading researchers, practitioners and visionaries. The theme of this year’s conference is “Smart Mobility and Energy Efficient Technologies”. It featured a panel of distinguished speakers and guests from US, China and Japan. Dr. Frank Fane and Mr. Dafa Yan chaired the conference. Dr. Zifeng Nie, DCEA President, gave welcome remarks.

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底特律中国工程师协会(Detroit Chinese Engineers Association, or DCEA)第36届汽车技术研讨会暨2017年年会于4月2日下午,在密歇根州Troy Marriot酒店隆重举行。约有200余人出席了本次会议。本次大会不仅有DCEA会员在内的底特律地区华人工程技术人员的参加,更吸引了广大高等院校学者,前来参加SEA大会的各地的汽车工业界精英,高层管理人士、商业人士,及底特律地区主要华人社团代表前来。美国密歇根州州长斯奈德先生(Rich Snyder),中华人民共和国驻芝加哥总领事洪磊先生,及密歇根-中国创新中心执行董事康为 先生(Brian Connors)还特意为大会发来贺信。虽然整个会议持续了将近七个小时,但与会人员无不感到意犹未尽,会议结束后仍然互相探讨不愿离去。


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ADAMS/Mathworks Application Engineer


Position Requirements:

Able to utilize ADAMS or Mathworks to analyze suspension kinematics and compliance to model a vehicle suspension system as an entity and integrated into a complete vehicle model.  Desired results of modeling analysis are to define the suspension response and overall vehicle level responses to revise, refine, or confirm the suspension points achieve the desired vehicle responses.

Length of Assignment: 

Initial project length is short term, approximately 1 month with potential for follow on projects.

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Technology Conference (技术研讨会) 2:00 - 5:30PM

Keynote: China‘s Auto Industry - Opportunities and Challenges

Featured Talk: Impact of Trump’s Economic Policies on Sino-US Trade Relations

Dr. Jianmin Jin, Economic Commentator, CCTV2, China

Senior Fellow & Economist. Fujitsu Research Institute, Japan

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DCEA co-orgnize 2017 ChongQing Automotive Acoustic Summit 底特律中国工程师协会协办 2017 重庆汽车NVH国际论坛

Organizers: Host:  China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd(CAERI) Chongqing University  French Society of Automotive Engineers Organizer: State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology Co‐organizer:  Detroit Chinese Engineers Association

The top NVH experts from Europe, Japan, USA and China will address the summit on the latest achievements and  innovative technologies in the sensitive area such as new energy vehicle NVH, light weight conception, new power  train technologies and the future trends of global market and technology evolution. The forum also offers  a platform  to share our knowledges and experiences . Together, let’s make this summit a success and fruitful event. 

Key interest points of the summit  峰会热点主题

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